Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my rug looking its best?


It’s important to take care of your rug daily. You need to protect it from direct sunlight with curtains or blinds, and to take extreme caution when using tile cleaners. These strong chemicals can bleach or dissolve your rug fibers.


When vacuuming your rug regularly, you extend its life and improve its appearance. Vacuum it once a week at least, and twice a week in high traffic areas using an upright vacuum cleaner (but no teeth or combs), in order to remove the dirt and dust particles that harm your rug.

Rug Rotation

Rotate your rug every six months or so to alter the traffic pattern on your rug's surface.

Professional Cleaning

The professional cleaning with hot water removes dirt, dust and grease particles driven deep into your rug in time. This type of cleaning gives you a “just like new” rug, since it brings back its natural appearance. Have your rug professional cleaned from 18 to 24 months. Rugs Residential recommend

Spots and Stains

When dealing with spots and stains in your rug, you bring back its natural beauty. Clean the affected area, immediately upon discovery, with a clean white towel and a very diluted mild detergent, never use bleach. To avoid spreading, do not rub. Be sure to always dab carefully from the edge of the stain – inwards.