How to Protect Handmade Rugs

Handcrafted rugs are an excellent investment for any home; they provide warmth, comfort and style. They can enhance a room, and last for generations. But, they do require a little bit of care and maintenance to keep them in good condition, just like any other item of value. Protecting your handmade rug only takes a few minutes per week and some initial precautions. Here are our top tips for looking after your beautiful hand-knotted rug.

Location, location, location

The location of your rug within your home will dictate how much everyday wear and tear it experiences, and how often you will need to clean and maintain the rug. When it comes to handmade rugs, too much direct sunlight can be an issue; try to either keep your rug in a place that doesn’t get too much strong sunlight, or check it regularly for sun damage and fading. Placing a rug in a dark or damp room can also be an issue; mould and moths are handmade rugs’ worst enemies. Think carefully about where you place your rug, and ensure you keep up regular maintenance.

Get the vacuum out

The best way to ensure your rug is staying clean and relatively dust-free is to vacuum it weekly, and check for any spots or stains. Vacuuming regularly will not only get rid of the dust and dirt gathering on the surface, it will also work to protect your rug from moths, insects or other pests from setting up camp on your rug. Make sure you vacuum both sides of your rug, and use a suction-only vacuum cleaner to ensure you don’t damage the rug. It’s also vital to ensure your rug doesn’t get wrinkles or dents; this can occur if the rug is moved slightly, folded at the edges or a stray foot pushes the material of the rug up. Make sure your rug is laid out flat and smooth.

Rotate and remove wrinkles

Rotating your rug at least four or five times per year is a great way to protect your rug. If you leave it too long without rotating, one side or part of your rug may see more wear and tear depending on the amount of foot traffic in the room, so it’s important to turn it around often. A good rule of thumb is to rotate your handmade rug with the turn of each season. 

Invest in a professional clean

Regular maintenance and cleaning your rug as discussed above should keep it in good condition, but the experts recommend getting a professional clean at least once a year as well. Rugs are often placed in high traffic areas, are the subjects of spills and accidents, and can gather dirt and dust. Getting a professional steam clean once or twice a year will ensure that any hidden dust or grease is eliminated – plus, your rug will look brand new afterwards!

Looking after your handmade rug only requires a few minutes per week, and is an excellent way to ensure your rug keeps its colour, quality and value. At Rugs Residential, we create handmade rugs for Perth homeowners, with a large range of styles and the option to design a bespoke rug. Get in touch today to discuss your needs, and book an in-home consultation.