Brighten Up Your Living Spaces with Custom Hand-Knotted Rugs

Looking for a way to brighten up your dining room, or even your bedroom? Investing in a handmade rug can make all the difference to your home, and any spaces that were looking a little tired or unoriginal. Rugs can tie a room together, bring a splash of colour or texture to a space, and even serve as a sitting area or the focal point of a room. They also provide warmth, and allow you to express your style and preferences – whether they be subtle or a little more creative!

Hand-knotted rugs from Rugs Residential are an amazing option for any rug owner: they are made by hand under ethical conditions, and each design – whether created by our team or customised by you – is treated with care. Our materials are of the highest quality, and we are experts when it comes to rug design, care and advice. So, how can a custom hand-knotted rug brighten up and revitalise your living space?

Colours and textures

When it comes to choosing or designing a custom hand-knotted rug, the sky’s the limit when you are choosing colours and textures. It’s important to think about both your personal preferences and the space that you are looking to place your rug in. For example, choosing the wrong colours can fade a room, rather than boosting it and creating warmth. Think about texture, too: will there be furniture on the rug? Will it see a lot of foot traffic, or will it be more ornamental? Speaking to a rug specialist is a great way to figure out how you can brighten up your space – and which rugs will suit your lifestyle and preferences best.

Mix and match

Rugs don’t always need to match or even complement each other, particularly if they will be lying in different spaces within your home. Think about getting creative and mixing and matching different styles, colours, patterns and textures when choosing rugs to enhance your living spaces. For example, if you want to invest in a classic rug for your lounge room, you might want to go with something a little more contemporary in your dining room or bedroom. Mixing and matching is also a great way to go if your furniture or even wall colours or wallpaper in your home are different colours and patterns – it means you can fit the rug to the room, rather than vice versa.

Sizes and shapes

The size and shape of a rug can make a huge difference to your home, and to make sure you add texture, warmth and a unique look to your space, it’s important to make the right decision. Measure the space you have available, and remember to incorporate space that furniture sits on currently – and decide whether your rug will be a focal point or whether furniture will sit half on or completely on it. Orient the rug to the room as it is – you don’t want to have to make major changes to your room if the rug doesn’t quite fit!

The best way to choose a rug or multiple rugs for your living area or a number of rooms in your home is to talk to those in the know. At Rugs Residential, our rugs experts can advise you on the best rugs to suit your home, and are happy to visit your home to offer professional advice. Get in touch today to discuss our current range, what your needs might be when it comes to designing a custom rug, or to book an in-home consultation.