OP Clay

OP Clay


This collection consists of subtle designs, harmonious colours and textured backgrounds, set within a multi-composition pile. Made from heat-set polypropylene freese fibre mixed with polyester and has a non-shedding and anti-static pile. Machine-knotted in Turkey with a 12 mm pile-height and a total weight of 2600 gr/sqm.

Design: OP Clay
Colour: Clay
Material: Polypropylene
Quality: Machine-knotted

In stock

  • 240 x 330cm

Available to order in standard sizes

  • 160 x 230cm

  • 200 x 290cm

  • 240 x 330cm

  • 300 x 400cm

  • 80 x 300cm runner

Custom colours and sizes available on request.

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